12th September 2023

The Importance of Having a Will: Secure Your Legacy

The Importance of Having a Will: Secure Your Legacy When it comes to planning for the future, many people focus on building wealth, acquiring assets, and achieving their life goals. While these are undoubtedly essential aspects of life, it’s equally vital to consider what happens to your estate after you are gone. This is where a will plays a pivotal role. A will is not just a legal document; it’s a powerful tool to ensure your wishes are respected, your loved ones are cared for, and your legacy lives on. […]
30th March 2023

Improve your Will, Estate Plan or Trusts today!

Wills, Estate Planning and Trusts One of the benefits of having an attorney draw up your Will and attend to your Estate Planning and Trusts is that we are well versed in the required legalities and ever-changing laws and best equipped to interpret legal documents and legislation. At Pagdens, we have two dedicated attorneys in our Estates Team to guide you to make the best possible decisions to suit your specific circumstances. With many years in industry and having completed advanced courses in Estate Planning, we are well equipped to […]
2nd November 2022
Employment Contracts

3 Insights to fixed-term employment contracts

THREE INSIGHTS TO FIXED-TERM EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS   WHEN DOES A FAILURE TO RENEW A SHORT-TERM CONTRACT BECOME DISMISSAL?   Fixed-term employment contracts are as the name implies, an employment contract concluded to commence on a specified date and shall terminate on another determined or specified date.   At what point then, does an employer use this type of contract inappropriately and what are the consequences in such instances?   The Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 (LRA) specifies certain instances where there can be reasonable usage of a fixed-term contract […]
27th June 2022

Power of Attorney in South Africa: What does it entail?

Power of Attorney in South Africa: What does it entail? What is a power of attorney? In terms of our law, a person may not act on behalf of another unless authorized to do so. As such, a power of attorney is a formal instrument by which authority is conferred from the “principal” (the person giving the authority to act on his/her behalf) to an “agent” (the person acting on behalf of the principal). When will you need a power of attorney & who can be appointed as an agent? […]
10th June 2022
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The duty to report corrupt activities – the Legislature’s attempt to curb corruption

THE DUTY TO REPORT CORRUPT ACTIVITIES – THE LEGISLATURE’S ATTEMPT TO CURB CORRUPTION In the current economic and political landscape, South Africans are frequently exposed to reports of corruption in both the private and public sectors. To rewrite the current narrative, it is imperative that whistle-blowers come forward and corrupt activities are reported, investigated, and prosecuted. The duty to report corruption extends beyond a mere moral obligation and is contained in The Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act, 12 of 2004 (“PRECCA”). PRECCA was adopted with the following main […]