Animal Welfare Society PE

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AWS PE was founded in 1971 as a result of the difficulty that the municipality in Port Elizabeth was experiencing in coping adequately with the number of stray animals and cruelty cases in the city.

Our catteries and kennels house stray and surrendered pets who are available for adoption. We accept all animals brought to us, and run a 24-hour service to deal with the many cases of cruelty and neglect which are reported to us. Our animal crematorium is a much needed facility in the city and directly benefits the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in terms of reducing landfill costs.

Mission Statement

  1. We are committed to the welfare of animals.
  2. We fight animal injustice, ignorance and cruelty by example, education, care-giving and relationship-building..
  3. We operate in a business-like manner, with integrity, courtesy and fairness..
  4. We appreciate and respect our staff, society members and all dedicated supporters..

We believe that every living creature has a fundamental value and is a sentient being. We consider that the welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state and that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being.

United Through Sport

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Who We Are

United Through Sport is a UK registered development through sport charity helping disadvantaged communities reach their full potential in sport, education and health. We do this in Africa, South America and will be launching in Asia soon. UK Registered Charity, No. 1102107.

Our Commitment

We are committed to using sport as a tool to develop disadvantaged and vulnerable youth. We do this by:

Using direct sports coaching
for its health benefits, improved emotional well-being and increased life skills (teamwork, leadership, decision making, communication).
Using sport to discuss critical issues
by delivering curriculums on topics such as HIV/AIDS awareness in a fun and interactive manner on the sports field.
Using sport for improved education
by providing pathways to success for talented and dedicated individuals through scholarships to top local schools and tertiary education.

Having worked in South Africa around the area of Port Elizabeth since 2005, United Through Sport has built up a good understanding of what is working within the disadvantaged communities. Having this knowledge is vital in helping improve our work and we have developed a comprehensive curriculum that is being delivered to more than 40,000 kids.